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The Healthy Nerd Co. (Norman Disney & Young)

The Healthy Nerd Co. (THyNC) is about connecting with children in their formative years as students (10 to 16 years of age) to promote Engineering, Science & Technology.

The programs prepared and delivered by THyNC extend the current STEM curriculum offered through schools by connecting with industry professionals and offering children the opportunity to problem solve, work in teams and create outcomes that respond to innovative challenges, integrating available technologies and applications.

Through promoting open ended learning and encouraging higher order thinking, the aim of THyNC is to equip children with the skills to be able to respond and be challenged under different real life scenarios and to engage them in becoming the next generation of leaders and innovators in Engineering, Science and Technology.

The NDY Sydney office hosted a group of Year 10 students from Prairiewood High School and along with Caldis Cook group and The Healthy Nerd Co, they were treated to real-world insight into the engineering sector.