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ABCN (Australian Business Community Network)

The Australian Community and Business Network, or ABCN, is a not for profit organization that brings together large corporations including the Commonwealth Bank, Optus, JP Morgan and Ernst & Young, as well as many other highly regarded firms, to assist young people in schools like ours. The programs they provide enrich learning and broaden life experiences.

You can out more about ABCN at: 

ABCN Theory of Action

ABCN Programs at Prairiewood High School


For many years, Prairiewood High School has proudly been associated involved in a variety of ABCN programs that support student learning opportunities across years 7 to 12.  This includes:

Please click on the website pages to find out more about these exciting programs. Please see the Careers Advisor, Mrs Evans, our your Year Advisor if you are interested in participating in any of these programs.