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School Photos

School Photos

Prairiewood High School School Photography Date 2023: Wednesday 1st March.

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Sibling and portrait photographs can be purchased by the link below, or by returning an order envelope with your payment to the photographer on school photo day.


Student Presentation on the day,


1.  FULL School uniform is to be worn.

2.  Shirts are to be clean and pressed – no missing buttons please.

3.  Shirt pockets are to be empty.

4.  No jewellery is to be worn for the photo.

5.  No colourful makeup.



Students are required to co-operate with staff instructions and be respectful toward their fellow students and staff at all times.


VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Students whose parents/carers have NOT given Permission to Publish to the school office FOR SCHOOL PHOTOS to be taken will NOT have their photos taken on the day, by the school photographers.

This will mean that 

·       No ID Card will be issued – used when borrowing from the school library.  

·       Parents/carers will not be able to order any images of their child. 


If however, you wish to have your child included in the School Photo Event only, you can give permission on a special form that will be issued to your child shortly

It must be signed by parents and returned to the school prior to 2 March, in order for your child to receive their ID cards, and professional photos.


For families who still decline to have their children involved in school photograph day, school personnel will still need to take a photo of the students involved, for Administrative purposes only. 


Ordering and Paying for Photos

advancedlife now offers Latitude Pay! To take advantage of LatitudePay and split the cost of your order into 10 small easy payments, simply order your school photos online as usual, set up a Latitude Pay account in just a few clicks and pay no interest or fees when you pay according to your payment schedule; it’s that easy.

3 easy ways to purchase:

LatitudePay – Click on the this link , set up an account during the online order process and split your payments across 10 weeks with no interest or fees, if you pay on time
Visa, MasterCard or PayPal
Cash – complete the envelope supplied and return it to our photographer on photo day

Or visit: and enter online order code: W9C JBQ 6PX


School photography information:

Online orders - do not require an envelope returned to the school. online order code: W9C JBQ 6PX

Envelopes, for students paying by cash or cheque (No cards), will be available for collection from the school, in the coming days.  Students will be informed when and where they can be collected.

Families using Envelopes - do not  hand them to anyone at the school.  Students must bring them ON THE DAY and hand them to the photographer.  Exact money please, if paying by cash.  No change will be available.

Sibling Photos - You can pre-order your sibling photos online up to 24 hours before photo day. The company provides PHS with a list of sibling orders right up to the day of photography, so no one misses out. Sibling envelopes are also available for collection from the school office and can be handed in right up to the morning of Wednesday 2 March (exact cash or cheque but no cards). Sibling photographs only apply to children enrolled at Prairiewood High School. 

Late fees - a late fee will be applied to each package purchased after photo day due to the additional cost of producing these packages, separately.

Package delivery - photographic packages will be returned to your school for distribution approximately six weeks after photos are taken

Previous Years’ photos - Past years’ photographs including sports, co-curricular and representative groups are also available to order under the 'previous years or group photo' tabs at your school’s advancedorder site when you click on the 'Order School Photos Here' button above. You can also order past packages, portrait images and gifts from your child’s unique, individual and secure advancedyou image archive site using the unique 9 digit image code found on packages you have ordered in the past