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The Weaving Inclusivity program was introduced to Prairiewood High School in 2019 by one of the school's Community Liasion Officers, Tana Tuake.

Students form our Pacifica Community across years 7 to 10 are invited to participate in this culturally inclusive weaving initiative. Parents and Carers are welcome also to attend.

Please contact the school and ask for Tana if you would like to be involved. 


Benefits of Weaving

weaving wellbeing

There are many benefits of Weaving. This includes:

  • Improves fine motor skills - things like hand-eye coordination, right-left coordination etc.
  • Improves cognitve skills - things like focus and attention span
  • It encourages critical thinking and promotes self-awareness
  • Social benefits - it facilitates communication and offers fun in a relaxing environment
  • It relieves stress and anxiety through a sense of empowerment
  • Cultural benefits - learning the art of weaving supports the cultural heritage of students and our community. Weaving is relevant and culturally valued.