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We will allow you to swap items if the sizing is incorrect.

Please download the order form below which includes current prices, fill it in and email back to the school email: Please pay on the school website upper tab "Make a Payment" then write your receipt number on the completed order form.

Uniform Order Form

How do I know what size I need? 

See the images below with measurements to determine the size you need.

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Current Prairiewood High School Uniform Policy

When students wear a school uniform, they feel included in our school community. Students, teachers, parents and carers, as well as members of our local community helped develop our school uniform.

All uniform items that are sold by Prairiewood high School must be purchased from the school. Similar items purchased from stores are not acceptable.  These include School shirts/blouses, skirts, jumpers, cardigans, blazers, zip jackets, sports uniforms.

Price list here. Prices are subject to change so please contact the office for the most up to date prices. 

Students may purchase from our Uniform Shop Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8am - before school and at recess. (Except during COVID restrictions where all orders must be online)

The Department of Education regulations require that adequate protective footwear be worn by students during practical lessons. Parents are urged to consider this matter when purchasing footwear for school use. All types of thongs and sandals and “ballet slipper” style shoes do not provide adequate protection. For details click here.

White joggers and boots of any colour, non school trousers/shorts, trousers with contrast stitching or ripped seams, tracksuits and other clothing designed for sport or PE may not be worn as part of the official “normal” school uniform.

Girls who wear a head scarf (hijab) are asked to maintain the school’s dress code by limiting the fabric to plain colours only i.e. bottle green, black, white or navy blue.

Girls who prefer to wear a full length skirt are able to wear this version of our school skirt. Our uniform supplier will make these on request. Please contact the school.

In colder weather, students are permitted to wear a scarf as long as it is plain bottle green, black, white or navy blue.

Students are encouraged to wear caps/hats outside but these must be removed when in the school buildings. They must NOT include language or images that may cause offence.

Normally sports uniform items are only to be worn when participating in PE or Sport - or when travelling to or from school sporting events. However, during COVID we are permitting students to wear their Sports uniform to school on PE days to minimise the use of changerooms.

Students must wear full school sporting uniform (or normal school uniform) when travelling to a sporting event and representing our school. Those without appropriate uniform for playing a sport will NOT be permitted to participate.


Junior Uniform

Winter Jacket

Sport and PE Uniform

Winter Jacket

Senior Uniform