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Special Education

Our Special Education Unit at Prairiewood High School has students enrolled in four Special Education classes.

Our classes 

  • Two IO support class – In this class we provide support for students who have a diagnosis of a moderate intellectual disability.
  • One IO/AU support class – In these classes we provide support for students who have a diagnosis of a moderate intellectual disability and/or autism.
  • One Autism support class - In this class we provide support for students who have a diagnosis of autism.

Students in each class are supported by a classroom teacher and a learning support officer.


The students in the Special Education Unit study a Life Skills program and work towards achieving outcomes set in the Years 7-10 Life Skills Syllabus and Stage 6 Life Skills Syllabus.

Students study a Life Skills curriculum in the subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, HSIE, Technologies, Languages, Creative Arts and PDHPE.

Students work towards achieving a ROSA and an HSC completing a Life Skills Program of study.

Our students learn work skills and develop independent living skills through a variety of programs and initiatives:

  • Individual Education Programs
  • Individual Transition Programs
  • Community Access/Travel Training Programs
  • Communication Programs
  • Social Skills Programs
  • Literacy and Numeracy Skills Programs
  • Extra-curricular Excursions
  • Sporting Programs
  • Creative Arts Programs
  • Year Camps
  • Work Experience Programs (if applicable)
  • TAFE Courses (if applicable)
  • Visits to Post-School Expos/ Community Participation/ Job Information Agencies
  • Workshops/visits by Community Providers

Department of Education Support

The staff of the Special Education Unit work as a team with the Department of Education Support Teacher Transition and the local community to develop and plan for practical learning opportunities for our students with disabilities. These experiences are designed to assist students to make a successful transition from School to Post-School and become valued and contributing members of the community.

Placements and review

Applications for placement are through the Access Request process. An Access Request is arranged by the school learning and support team at the local public school, but can also be organised through the local Educational Services team if a child is not yet enrolled. Teams can be contacted on 131 536.

Assisted School Travel Program (ASTP)

The ASTP supports eligible students who need transport assistance because of the nature of the student’s disability and the circumstances of the family. Families will be provided with information on these schemes.

To be eligible for ASTP, you must meet the criteria which can be found on the Department of Educations’ website - found at this link.

Photos of some of our students