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Personal development, health and physical education

Personal development, health and physical education (PDHPE) is mandatory from Kindergarten to Year 10. The Prairiewood High School PDHPE faculty promotes the development of students to enhance their personal health and well-being. We encourage and support students to enjoy and commit to an active lifestyle to develop confidence and proficiency in a wide variety of activities. In PDHPE, students acquire knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes that assist in advocating for lifelong health and physical activity.

What subjects/courses do we offer?

The PDHPE faculty at Prairiewood High School offer a broad range of subjects and courses based on the year that the student is enrolled. They will complete the curriculum that best meets their level and needs.

·       Stage 4 (Years 7 and 8) – PDHPE

·       Stage 5 (Years 9 and 10) – PDHPE

                                                      Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS)

·       Stage 6 (Years 11 and 12) – PDHPE

                                                        VET Sports Coaching 

                                                        Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation (SLR)

What will students learn about in PDHPE?

Stage 4 & 5 PDHPE

In Years 7 to 10, the PDHPE Syllabus is a mandatory course and continues from Stage 3 learning. It is based on three skill domains which are:

·       Health, Wellbeing and Relationships

·       Movement Skill and Performance

·       Healthy, Safe and Active Lifestyles

The focus in this course is a strengths-based approach in which students are provided with numerous opportunities to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in a variety of health and physical activity settings. Areas of study include: managing change, challenge, power, safety, resilience and wellbeing. Movement  experiences for students involve a combination of planned and improvised performances to enhance life-long participation in physical activity to maintain health and well-being.

Stage 5 PASS

Physical Activity and Sports Studies combines the viewing of physical activity in a wide range of contexts to develop participation specifically to individual lifestyles.  These types of lifelong physical activities include: recreational and leisure interests, competitive and non-competitive games, plus, both individual and group physical fitness activities. The focus of this course is to understand the importance of physical activity in enhancing both quality and quantity of life.

Stage 6 PDHPE

The Preliminary HSC course investigates a range of aspects that reinforce the importance and interrelationship of health and well-being. The major areas of study are developing further knowledge and understanding of personal health and movement of the human body. Optional areas of study include composition and performance, first aid, fitness choices and outdoor recreation.

The HSC course examines the key issues affecting the health status of Australians and the factors that determine physical performance in movement. Optional  areas of study include the health of young people, sports medicine, improving performance, equity and health, sport and physical activity in Australia.

Stage 6 SLR

This a Board Developed and Endorsed Course which focuses on the promotion of choosing safe and responsible decisions in having a healthy and active lifestyle. The aim of this course is to participate in a wide range of recreational and sporting activities to develop a life-long commitment to health and well-being. These activities may include aquatics, athletics, first aid, fitness, gymnastics, outdoor recreation, sports administration, coaching, social perspectives in sport, healthy lifestyle, resistance training and specific sports activities.

Stage 6 VET Sports Coaching

This is a Board Developed and Endorsed course which provides students with the opportunity of obtaining a Certificate III in Sports Coaching. It includes 35 Work Placement hours in a sporting context in addition to school-based classes. Subjects studied include first aid, work health and saety policy practices, updating knowledge of, and coaching beginners in a variety of contexts such as athletics, netball, surf life-saving and rugby league.

What will students learn to do?

The Prairiewood High School PDHPE faculty is committed to providing students with a diverse range of opportunities to develop a life-long appreciation of the importance of both health and physical activity. It is essential for students to feel respected and valued in individual and group activities. This will assist in the growth and improvement of communication, decision-making, movement and resilience for students.


Our school provides specialist facilities and equipment for PDHPE and sport classes including:

  • a gymnasium with badminton, basketball, dance, indoor soccer, slide hockey and volleyball courts. The change rooms have both hot and cold showers
  • outdoor basketball, handball and netball courts, in addition to cricket nets
  • outdoor gym equipment
  • indoor and outdoor table tennis tables.


·       We also have Fitness Club for five weeks during both Term 1 and 4, in which students can participate in a variety of fun activities and enjoy a healthy breakfast before school two days per week.

·       Our PDHPE staff coach numerous sports for CHS knockout and Gala Day sporting events.