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Student Leadership

Opportunities exist for students to develop leadership skills. Formal programs at PHS include:

  • Prefects
  • Student Representative Council
  • Sports Council
  • Peer Support

The Prefects are elected by their Year 12 peers and staff. The Captains and Vice Captains are then chosen by a panel of teachers and students from the Prefect cohort. The SRC and Sports Council are elected by their peers.

The SRC at Prairiewood High School

The School Representative Council is a collection of Prairiewood High School’s up and coming leaders. The SRC has established itself to be a pathway students can embark upon to refine their leadership skills, organisation and initiative abilities, and be opened to unique opportunities. 

The council consists of four representatives from years 7 to 10 and six from year 11. These elected students are trusted exemplars of Prairiewood High School and our SRL expectation, as well as representatives of the community. 

The SRC takes on the duty of voicing the ideas, opinions and concerns of students, promoting our local community and supporting charities. 

The skills students develop in this council can be applied later in life, and teach them to be better individuals of society. The SRC is an excellent initiative for students to be involved in and can be extremely rewarding.

The Sports Council

The Sports Council consists of 16 students​ from Years 10 and 11 and are elected by students from each of the sport houses in Years 7-11. These students are usually interested in sport and have chosen to take on a leadership role within the school and their primary role is to assist at school sports carnivals and other sporting events such as in-school competitions. 
The Sports Council is divided into four houses and students belong to one, based on the first letter of their surname. The house names and initials are: Cobras, Hawks, Mustangs and Scorpions and each house traditionally consists of 2 captains and 2 vice captains.  
Members of the Sports Council possess a unique blend of sporting achievements, leadership qualities and the ability to work cooperatively with staff and students to ensure successful and enjoyable carnivals and other sporting events.