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High Resolves

High Resolves at Prairiewood High School

Over a number of years, students at Prairiwood High School have been involved in the award-winning High Resolves initiative.

High Resolves helps schools develop empowered global citizens and leaders.

Programs focus on the development of constructive mindsets and skills.  Students engage through a mix of highly interactive, thought-provoking simulations and experiential activities which are delivered as school incursions by our highly-skilled presenters across two core programs. These programs can be run together as a structured and systematic multi-year curriculum, or implemented flexibly for individual year levels based on school needs.

The learning of our Year 7-10 students is enriched through participation in the High Resolve Global Citizenship Program. The program consists of two day modules which are run throughout the year:

  • Year 7 - 'Identity and Purpose'
  • Year 8 'Just Society'
  • Year 9 'Social Progress'
  • Year 10 'Better Self'

These modules raise the students' awareness of global issues and promote the desire for students to become more active in contributing to constructive social change. 

High Resolves has partnerships with both the University of Sydney and University of Melbourne. The annual High Resolves Summit marks the most important event of the program. Students from participating high schools gather to participate in a full day of activities exploring the future of our world. The summit is supported and attended by political, business and community leaders.

More information about High Resolves can be found at: